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Sheffield and High Peak Fly Dressers Guild

The themes for fly tying this year are    

                                                   - essential fishing patterns

                                                  - patterns from the Guild magazine

                                                   - Competition Paterns


Wed September 28             John Netherwood                   Upwings, Baetis nymph impressionistic

                                                                                                    & BWO Spinner

Wed October 12                    David Rowley                         Greenfly , F Fly & Black gnat fishing flies


Wed October 26                     Bob Sedgwick                        magazine pattern


Wed November 9                    AGM                                         Come along and have your say, followed by a quiz


Wed November 23                 Brian Clarke                            Spider patterns


Wed December 14                Stuart Crofts                              Demonstration –   “Flies from my Flybox”




Wed January 4                       Simon Hall                              magazine pattern


Wed January 18                     John Netherwood                  competition patterns


Wed February 1                     Bob Sedgwick                         magazine pattern


Wed February 22                   Brian Clarke                            Adult Sedge, Sedge pupae

                                                                                                    & Klinkhammer


Wed March 14                       David Rowley                         simple nymps/goldheads etc.

                                                                                                   black and silver bead nymph    


Wed March 28                      Steve Newsome,                    Demonstration - secret paterns


Wed April 11                          Simon Hall                              magazine pattern


Wed April 25                          Bob Sedgwick                        magazine pattern