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Adams style paraloop

Hook:        dry hook eg TMC 100

Thread:     Light olive

Tail:           rust yarn

Dubbing:  grey

Hackle:    one brown cock hackle, one grizzly

 paraloop adams
  1. Paraloop with post

Hook:        dry e.g. TMC 103

Thread:     olive

Tail:            hackle

Body:         light olive

Loop:         mono or thick thread

Post:          aero-wing

Hackle:      grizzle

 paraloop with post
  1. Reverse paraloop

Hook:          emerger

Silk:             pearsall’s yellow

Tail:              hackle fibres

Body:           olive

Rib:              4lb mono

Thorax:        dark brown

Hackle:        grizzle

 reverse paraloop
  1. Paraloop hopper

Hook:           emerger

Thread:        black

Butt:              red holo

Rib:               peal

Body:            black dubbing

Legs:            pheasant tail

Hackle:         black cock

 paraloop hopper
  1. Paraloop emerger


Hook:            emerger

Thread:         grey

Body:             heron herl

Post:             poly yarn

Thorax:         peacock herl

Hackle:         badger or grizzle

 paraloop emerger