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  1. Shuttlecock  (Louis Noble, Trout and Salmon  September 2014, page 44)

Hook:     12 Kamasan B401 Whisker Barb or similar, and smaller sizes if you like

Thread: Tan

Body:  Fly-Rite 19, Light Tan, or similar fine synthetic dubbing

Wing: Tiemco aero dry wing PINK  or white/grey/yellow for different light conditions. The Wing is tied forward over the eye

Hackle: Grizzle Cock Hackle, tied with good side facing rear of hook

  1. CDC Caddis  (FDG Magazine Summer 2010, page36)

Hook:     16/18

Thread: Brown/Fawn/Cream

Body: Large  CDC feather, Natural/Cream/brown

Wing: Four (2 pairs) CDC feathers to match body colour

Outriggers: tips two CDC feathers

Thorax: Hares Ear Mixture or similar

Antennae: Two Pheasant tail fibres

 CDC Cadis
 Fratnik’s No.2 (FDG Magazine Autumn 2009, page42)  

Hook:     14/16

Thread: Pearsall’s primrose silk

Tail: Coq de Leon fibres

Rib: Black Thread

Body: Pearsall’s primrose silk

Hackle: CDC hackle tied conventionally
 Fratkins No2
 Fratnik’s No.3 (FDG Magazine Autumn 2009, page42)  

Hook:     14/16

Thread: Black

Body/Back: Strip Yellow Micro Foam

Wing: Two CDC Feathers

Thorax: Strip Yellow Foam tied back ‘Humpy style’

 Fratkins No3