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Red Tag

Hook:      16/18  fine wire

Thread:  Green Pearsall’s Silk

Tail:         Red Wool

Body:      Several strands of fine green peacock herl from close to the eye of the feather

Hackle:  Red Game Cock or Red Brown Cock Hackle

 red tag_
Grayling Fiddler

Hook:      16/18/20  fine wire

Thread:  Brown Pearsall’s Silk

Butt:        Three turns of brown thread

Body:       Sparse dubbing of teased out red wool ( can add some red DFM)

Hackle:    Small Grizzle Hackle

 grayling fiddler_
Terry's Terror

Hook:     16/18  fine wire

Thread:  Yellow

Tail:         Bunch of yellow and orange goat hair cut short, (can use fine bucktail as an alternative)

Rib:          Fine flat copper or gold tinsel

Body:       Single strand of peacock herl

Hackle:   Small Red Game or Brown  cock hackle

 terrys terror_
Red Butt Klinkhammer

Hook:      16/ 18  Klinkhamer Hook, such as Partridge Extreme

Thread :  Fine  Black

Post:        White/Red/Green Poly yarn

Butt:         Red Fluorescent Floss or Red Tinsel

Body:       flashy synthetic peacock dubbing

Thorax:   Dark Peacock Herl, twisted

Hackle:    Black or Grizzle or Dun tied parachute style

 red butt klink_
Black Gnat Parachute

Hook:     18/20  fine wire

Thread:  Fine  Black

Post:      White/Red/Green Poly yarn

Body:      Dark peacock herl or fine black dubbing

Hackle:  Small Grizzle Cock Hackle or Black

 parachute black knat_