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Bunched feather fibres

Hook.       Wet fly 14

Thread.   Brown

Tails.        Red game hackle fibres (10)

Rib.          Fine gold wire

Body.       Peacock herl (4)

Hackle.   Red game

Wing.      Partridge hackle

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Folded feather slip

Hook.      Wet fly 14

Thread.  Orange

Tails.       Partridge tail fibres  (4)

Rib.          Tying thread

Body.       Hares fur

Wing.       Partridge tail slip (2 X gape width)


Paired wing slips

Hook.      Wet fly 14

Thread.  Primrose / pale yellow

Rib.          Fine gold wire

Hackle.    Red game

Wing.       2 matching (L &R) (gape width)slips

                 of starling /blackbird/teal

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