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Sheffield and High Peak Fly Dressers Guild

Silver Butcher  #12/14

Thread: Black

Tail – red ibis

Body – silver tinsel plus silver wire

Hackle – black

Wing – black feather or black PT

 silver butcher

Steely Blue  #12/18


Thread – fire orange

Body – peacock herl

Hackle – blue dun or blue dun/grizzle


Folded post midge #19/21 Tiemco – smaller the better


Thread – black

Body – black tread

Post – white antron or white aero wing

Hackle – black

 folded post midge

Grey Duster #16/#20


Thread – black

Body – mixture of natural mole and rabbit guard hair

Hackle – badger or two tone yellowy/black feather

 grey duster

Split wing Olive #16/20


Thread – green

Tail – few fibres from grizzle

Body –green dubbing

Wing – grey partridge

Hackle – green grizzle

 split wing olive