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Baetis  nymph

Hook :-                  Dohiku  jig hook size 18

Thread :-              Olive

Tail :-                     Pheasant body feather

Body :-                  Olive Turkey board (opposite side of the feather from the biots)

Thorax:-               Black ice dubbing

Hackle:-               Olive/ grey CDC

Bead:-                  2mm tungsten  gold/copper/black

betis nymph 

Dethatched body olive


A fine needle is used to construct the detached body

Hook:-                  Varivas 2200  size 16

Thread / rib :-     Olive (Nano silk helps with this, but it’s not essential)

Tail :-                     Red game hackle points/ pheasant body

Body :-                  Olive CDC

Wing:-                   Grey/ olive CDC

Thorax:-               Yellow/ amber seals fur or dry fly dubbing sub

 detatched body olive

Akiyamago emerger


Hook :-                  Varivas 2200 size 16

Thread :-               Black / olive

Tag :-                     Red floss

Hackle:-                Red game

 Akiyamago emerger

Poly Midge


Hook :-                  Varivas bl103 size 19

Thread :-              Black / olive

Body : -                 black smooth poly yarn

Thorax :-              Grey CDC

Hackle :-              Grizzly

 Poly Midge