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Black Gnat

Wing      White Antron

Body       Three strands of

                 Muscovy duck or

                 black pheasant

                 tail twisted

                 together and

                 wound on

Hackle  Black Cock Hackle

Thread  Black

Hook      16 Vaivas 2200

Black Gnat 
Loop winged olive

Wing     White Antron

Body     Pail yellow / olive

              fine dubbing

Hackle  Olive grizzle

Thread  Pail yellow

Hook    Size 16 TMC 902 BL

Loop winged olive
Grey Duster variant

Wing / Extended body

               White Antron

Hackle  Natural Grizzle

Body      Light grey Micro


Thread  Purple


Grey Duster variant
Organza Spinner

Thorax Dark claret Seal's


wing     Organza

Tail     2 strands organza

            wing pulled back

            and bound under

            the body

Body  Crimson stripped

           pecock eye qull

           coated with bug bond

Thread Black

 Organza Spinner