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General Purpose Olive (GPO)  - Matt Eastham, Trout and Salmon  December  2014, page 66

Hook:     Size 14 Varivas 2200BL or Hends BL599

Thread:  Fine Cinnamon

Tail: Coq de Leon hackle fibres

Underbody:  Hends body quill in dark olive or Olive PT fibres or Olive Heron Hackle fibres

Overbody: strip clear flexibody

Thorax: Olive straggly dubbing, with glitter

Thorax Cover:  strip Olive flexibody

Cheeks: Jungle Cock splits, head, thorax cover and cheeks covered with 2-3 coats clear nail varnish


Hotcheeks Squirrel – Matt Eastham, Trout and Salmon  December  2014, page 65

Hook:   size 12-14 grub hook

Bead: 2.8/3mm copper coated tungsten

Thread: fine cinnamon

Tails: Fox squirrel fibres

Rib: Mirage tinsel twisted into a rope

Body:  any spiky dubbing based on natural fox squirrel or gray squirrel

Hackle:  Hen partridge neck feather, tied in ‘V’ style

Cheeks: Globrite floss no.4 (Red)

hot cheeks squiral
Spanish Fly – Matt Eastham,  Trout and Salmon  December 2014, page 66

Hook:     Size 12-16 Fulling Mill grab gape, these are a small hooks

Bead: Tungsten, your choice of colour, 2.5-3.0mm

Tails: Coq de Leon

Thread/Body:  Red/Orange/Pink/Pearl/Peacock Textreme glitter thread tied in several different colours in sequence to form a tapered body

Trigger spot: Dab of deep purple nail varnish on top of bead/body

Head: Coat of UV varnish all over
spanish fly
  1. Copper John, John Barr
( for video of John Barr tying click here)

Hook:  Size 14-16  strong nymph hook  

Bead: 2.5/2.8/3.00mm Copper

Thread: Black

Under body: Lead wire, half length of body behind bead

Tail: 2 Goose Biots, Brown

Rear Body:  bright copper wire

Thorax Cover: Black or Olive Flexibody

Over Thorax: strip pearl tinsel for flash

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Throat: Hen Back Hackle Fibres, Brown or Brown Partridge Fibres

Head: Clear Epoxy over thorax cover and top of bead

 copper john
 Black Eden Grub, Matt Eastham, Trout and Salmon  December 2014, page 64  

Hook:     size 14 Dohiku or Hends BL510

Bead: Black Tungsten 2.8mm

Thread: Fine Black

Tail: Black Cock hackle fibres

Body:  Black krystal flash, or similar, tied in at the head and wrapped to the tail and back to create a tapered body

Eyes/Cheeks: Jungle Cock Splits, varnish over body and bead

 black eden grub