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High Vis Supa Pupa

Hook:  Light wire dry fly (Tiemco 103BL, Partridge SLD etc.) size 16 to 10

Thread:   8/0 tan or brown

Tail (OPTIONAL):   Bunch of grizzle or dun hackle fibers

Abdomen Dubbing:   Fairly coarse yellow, cream,     orange or green (I usually use yellow)

Thorax Dubbing:   Fairly coarse brown

Post:   Pink poly yarn eg. Tiemco Aerowing

Hackle:    Grizzle or Dun genetic, trimmed top & bottom (I generally use 2 hackles if they are relatively short neck hackles)

supa pupa
Jig Hook Nymph

Hook:   Jig Hook 12-16

Head:   Slotted Tungsten Copper or black 3.5, 3, 2.5 mm (depending size of the hook)

Tail:      No tail

Tag:      Green caddis spectra dubbing

Body:    Rusty hare's ear dubbing

Thorax: Dark brown Squirrel dubbing (in a loop)

                (No ribbing)

 Jig head nymph
Bead head Nymph

Hook:   16-18

Head:   Gold tungsten bead 2.5, 2mm

Tail:       Microfibets

Body:    Body quills orange or orange thread

Thorax: Hare's ear dubbing in a loop

 bead head nymph