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Sheffield and High Peak Fly Dressers Guild

Bouyant GRHE
 Very good in smaller sizes for ‘cruising’ and ‘sipping’ trout bouyant GRHE 
Cossack  This a new pattern to me but devised by an acquaintance and shows that simple can be effective  cossack
Deer Hair Shrimp
 Showing that it is possible to dub deer hair  deer hair shrimp
Detatched Body Mayfly
 With the body made from bucktail or deer hair  detatched body mayfly
How A Fly Grows
 Patterns that take the best bits from others  How A Fly Grows
Modern Buzzer
 Just that but probably not as you would expect  modern buzzer
Owl buzzer
   owl buzzer
Snatcher This is a style of fly that has evolved over many years, taking into account modern styles of hooks and the use of modern materials. Becoming very popular in Ireland.
Thread buzzer
   thread buzzer
Trimmed Muddler Showing how to trim the deer hair before you tie it in !
 Trimmed Mudler